Dr Adam Stanton

Researcher in Adaptive Informatics



Not that kind of Doctor 🎓; not that kind of AI 🤖🧬. At the moment I am Lecturer in Computer Science in the School of Informatics and Digital Engineering at Aston University.

I spend time exploring different aspects of the problem of using artificial evolution to build machines that have “intelligence” that shows up through animal-like behaviours. At the simplest this is just getting them walking around, but pushing past this to more complicated behaviour is always an ambition I have in mind when doing this research. I also teach courses across the computer science curriculum.

I completed an undergraduate degree in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science at the University of Birmingham, where my interested in natural computation, nature-inspired design and intelligent behaviour was kindled. After that I gained a doctorate in Evolutionary Robotics and Artificial Life from Keele University in Staffordshire.