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Looking south-east from the end of Three Mile Lane, near Keele village.

Dear visitor,

Welcome! This site is maintained by me, Dr Adam Stanton, as a place where I can post very infrequent updates about research or other stuff I find interesting. I work at Sheffield University as a Research Software Engineer, and also half the time at the Alan Turing Institute in a similar role. Before this, I was a Lecturer in Computer Science at Keele University (Newcastle, UK) and later Aston University (Birmingham, UK). My research interest is in generative approaches to autonomous systems, and my work as an RSE at UoS and ATI involves applying modern AI techniques to a variety of real-world research problems.

My own research focus is on the techniques of using artificial evolution to build machines that have intelligence that shows up through animal-like behaviours (thinking of evolution as a machine [that makes] machines). At the simplest, this is “evolving” parameters for simulated robots that enable basic patterns like walking. However, the longer-term goal is to discover algorithms and environmental and agent configurations that deliver more complicated behaviours like planning and problem-solving.

I’m not really active on social media, though I do have a Mastodon location. It would be great to hear from you if our interests overlap, either there or via email!

All the best,

Adam 🤖🧬🎓🧑‍💻