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Looking south-east from the end of Three Mile Lane, near Keele village.

Dear visitor,

Thank you for having a look at this site! It’s maintained by me, Dr Adam Stanton, as a place where I can post updates about research or other stuff I find interesting. At the moment I work in the School of Computer Science and Digital Technologies at Aston University, Birmingham, UK where I teach and think about “artificial intelligence” – focusing more on generative approaches to autonomous systems than the statistical machine learning models that have seen big breakthroughs recently.

I spend time exploring different aspects of the problem of using artificial evolution to build machines that have intelligence that shows up through animal-like behaviours (thinking of evolution as a machine machine.) At the simplest this is just getting basic robots to walk around, but discovering algorithms and configurations that deliver more complicated behaviours is the real goal when doing this research. I also deliver courses across the computer science curriculum, supervise projects, and so on.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from the University of Birmingham, where my interest in natural computation, nature-inspired design and intelligent behaviour was first piqued. I subsequently gained a doctorate in Evolutionary Robotics and Artificial Life from Keele University in Staffordshire.

I’ve deleted my accounts on the corporate social platforms, residing pretty much exclusively on Mastodon now. It’s a much better place to be. It would be great to hear from you if our interests overlap, either there or via email!

All the best,

Adam 🤖🧬🎓