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Public Research Profiles

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Peer-reviewed Articles

Lexicase Selection for Multi-task Evolutionary Robotics (2022, Artificial Life)

Where do successful populations originate from? (2021, Journal of Theoretical Biology)

Viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase mutants display an altered mutation spectrum resulting in attenuation in both mosquito and vertebrate hosts (2019, PLOS Pathogens)

RecQ helicases in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum affect genome stability, gene expression patterns and DNA replication dynamics (2018, PLOS Genetics)

Open-Ended Evolution: Perspectives from the OEE Workshop in York (2016, Artificial Life)

Recombination events among virulence genes in malaria parasites are associated with G-quadruplex-forming DNA motifs (2016, BMC Genomics)

Peer-reviewed Conference Papers

Fitness Agnostic Adaptive Sampling Lexicase Selection (2023, International Conference on ALIFE, Sapporo, JP)

Objective Sampling Strategies for Generalized Locomotion Behavior with Lexicase Selection (2021, ALIFE, Montreal, CA)

When Specialists Transition to Generalists: Evolutionary Pressure in Lexicase Selection (2020, ALIFE Prague, CZ)

The Limits of Lexicase Selection in an Evolutionary Robotics Task (2019, ALIFE Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK)

Stochastic Ontogenesis in Evolutionary Robotics (2018, ALIFE Tokyo, JP)

Tiebreaks and Diversity: Isolating Effects in Lexicase Selection (2018, ALIFE Tokyo, JP)

Lexicase Selection Outperforms Previous Strategies for Incremental Evolution of Virtual Creature Controllers (2017, ECAL Lyon, FR)

Neuroevolution of Feedback Control for Object Manipulation by 3D Agents (2016, ALIFE Cancun, MX)

Incremental Neuroevolution of Reactive and Deliberative 3D Virtual Creatures (2015, ECAL York, UK)

Heterogeneous complexification strategies robustly outperform homogeneous strategies for incremental evolutionΒ (2013, ECAL Taormina, IT)

Recorded Talks

ALIFE 2023 Talk: Fitness Agnostic Adaptive Sampling Lexicase Selection

ALIFE 2021 Talk: Objective Sampling Strategies

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Invited Talks
Other published work

Why do robots look like animals and humans? Invited article on [June 2018]

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Bridge-building animats