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Why does Lexicase Selection work so well?

The second paper published at ALIFE 2018 was a continuation of my work with Jared Moore on Lexicase Selection. This poster presentation discussed the reasons why Lexicase performs well in our evolutionary robotics task.

What is Stochastic Ontogenesis?

I just returned from ALIFE 2018 where I presented a paper that describes using noise in the genotype-to-phenotype translation of evolved neural networks, when applied to robot control. I called this technique Stochastic Ontogenesis.

How can I make D&D more nerdy?

Here’s a bash function for rolling the dice! d() { if echo $1 | egrep -q “[0-9]*d[0-9]+($|(?:(?:\+|\-){1}[0-9]+$){1})”; then eval $( echo $1 | awk -F'[d+-]’ ‘{print “n=”$1″;s=”$2”;m=”$3}’ ); t=0; for (( c=1; c

National Computing

I recently had the good fortune to gain access to the most powerful (publicly known) computer in the UK – ARCHER. This Cray XC30 has 118,000 processing cores and is a workhorse for many large… Read More »National Computing

Is Overleaf any good?

Recently I have been using Overleaf as a replacement LaTeX editor, instead of my previous favourite LyX. It’s a nice environment to work in and the collaborative and hotdesking benefits outweighed any inertia I felt… Read More »Is Overleaf any good?